By nonto, Aug 7 2017 05:52AM

When it comes to fashion and style I have no particular one I can I can call my own. I wear all sorts and what matters most is that I am comfortable. But I do like it all black and baggy or loose fitting. One may find this a bit strange since I am petite and short too. Yes, I do admit this may sometimes make me look like a grandma and that is how I like it and have even given it a term called “granny-look”.

For me two factors are important when choosing what to wear, firstly I need to be comfortable and secondly to remember that not everyone is going to like it or get it because we all have different taste and style we prefer. So it is a simple thing of wearing what I love but also I try and stay away from buying trend stuff. I prefer investing in classic pieces I can use through out all seasons. Having said that, shopping can be a bit of a challenge for me and I am sure there are few other people in the same boat as me on this.

As a petite person the challenge is getting something in stores that is good without shopping at the kids section. I have previously bought and worn 15yr old clothes which I must admit did look good, great quality and could be mistaken for a high fashion pieces.

Now life is easier because, if I can’t find what I’m looking for in stores or online I just make it (perks of being a fashion designer). I don’t get stressed anymore and that feeling is amazing but with being so busy, finding time to sit on a sewing machine can be very scarce.

Like all women, I have days where I want to look sexy , glamourous or even rock that tight fitting dress to show my hips ( yes , as petite as I am I do have hips ) I am African after all. But most days I prefer to be in just jeans , tee and blazer or jacket. ( I can tell you now everyone looks good and can pull this look ) I just love it for how versatile and safe it is. That one look that is easy to transform from day wear to evening wear without looking like you are trying too hard.

I suppose a person’s style is also dictated by a lifestyle one leads. Some things are not practical on day to day basis which is why we love those days we get opportunities to dress up and glam up. When such opportunity comes please do seize it and go all out. Take loads of pictures too and enjoy it.

A good friend of mine commented on how my look was boring and dark , I responded by saying, if I were to decide on wearing yellow only, he would be the one saying it was not yellow enough or it’s not yellow it’s citrus. You can never win with “fashion police”. But I will tell you that , the good thing about wearing one colour is the time I now spend in shops trying to decide what to get and I have sort of became an expert on fabrication. When travelling to hot countries I do need to be selective with what I pack and be smart with fabric choices. I have also started incorparating pop of colours with shoes, accessories and even headwraps which I love when I have a wig day off.