If I were to choose one style of fashion that I love for it comfortability it will be streetwear. It is one trend that keeps coming back without it getting tired and boring. Most of us really can’t seem to get enough of it. It is so versitile too in how it can be styled. Even though some people may associate it with sneakers and hoodies I am one of those who bear to differ when it comes to this style and this is proved by how many times brands and designers have been influenced by it popularity and used this trend as inspiration on their collections.
Think the likes of Alexander Wang, Rick Owens and Givency.
We can also not deny the role some musicians have played in bringing awareness of this trend. Big brands, labels and designers have noticed and use this to their advantage and even collaborations are born this way. This proves that streetwear is huge and not going anywhere anytime soon.
Young upcoming designers are also seeing this and taking advantage of this trend. As a final year fashion student at University of South Wales I was blessed when I was still at college finishing my HND to be classmate with one of those designer who is taking streetwear to another level and very sure we will cross paths again in the near future. Not only did I get a chance to shoot in one of her pieces but I also have a cuppa with her before leaving England to find out more about Elouise Boyce , the founder and head designer of King Of Sweats aka K.OS

* Who is Elouise?

My name is Elouise , I have lived in Cheltenham my whole life while also styudying fashion design at a local college. I am currently self funding my brand K.OS and have been for the last 7 months. I am 21 years ild and will be going to finish my degree at Cheltenham University in September 2017 where I hope to expand on my knowlege within the industry and gain further guidance for my business.

* What is the background story of your label/brand?

How K.OS started?
The idea for King Of Sweats was born from a yoga collection I created and presented for my final major project while studying fashion design. This collection grew interest in making clothes for both the male and female form.

* What K.OS is all about?

King Of Sweats aka K.OS designs comfortable unisex streetwear. By choosing a K.OS item you are creating your own K.OS . I have since focussed on creating and growing King Of Sweats and am looking forward to awaking a generation by breaking down gender barriers.

* Describe the label in 3 words .

Non Gender Specific or Ungendered British made Streetwear.

* What is the inspiration behind the collection?

The classic collection is filled with K.OS slogans which are used through this range. The classic range will always be available , howevercolour combiantions will change and made to order colour requests are available. This is alongside our seasonal limited edition collections which are themed, our first limited edition is available on our Etsy page , each sweater is a one off product.

* How can people contact you or get in touch with you?

Instagram @Kingofsweats

Facebook: King Of Sweats

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/kingofsweats?ref=hdr_shop_menu#items

Big Cartel Store : http://kingofsweats.bigcartel.com