Where do I even begin with this post. It been on the pipeline for a while now and something kept stopping me from writing it. Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook know and have seen my journey with Elemis. I took my time to explore products from Elemis Skincare ranges and find out which work best for my skin type and also which products perform better than others. There is nothing  more annoying like  spending your hard earned cash on a hyped product and be disappointed by the results you get at the end. With Elemis I have found a lifestyle brand.


Elemis is a British luxury skincare brand that was founded in 1990 and has grown to be the leading luxury skincare and spa led brand. Their Ethos is based on :

Pure Results – Pioneering products prescribed for individual skincare and lifestyle needs.

Sourced From Nature – Powerful biological actives from above and below the earth’s surface, combined with intricately blended aromatics.

Scientific Innovation – High performance formulations developed using cutting edge science and technology.

Ever Evolving – An unwavering commitment to understanding the relationship between nature and humanity.



My journey with Elemis started almost 4 years ago  when I was pregnant with my daughter Maya. I was approached by a sales rep at my local House of Frazer in Cheltenham and she gave me a sample of the Elemis Superfood  Facial Oil. I promised to try it and come back for my skin test. I shove the sample in my bag and forgot about it. A week later I realised my home made  facial oil was finished and had no time to make one as I was ready to pop, I then had a life bulb moment and went to fish out the sample. I am glad that happen because I would have missed on using such a product and this amazing brand. I started using that sample and I have to admit the size is generous too. It lasted me almost two week! A week after using it and I was on video call with a family member she commented on how much my skin was glowing ( I kid you not I had noticed the same thing a day or two before and put it up to hormones). Instantly I knew it has to be the Elemis oil then I went to treat my self to a facial and got my first Elemis products.


I use different skincare routines using different products from the Elemis ranges and I will recommend you visit their Spa pods to get a review of your skin before purchasing wrong products that will not work best for your skin. You can locate your your nearest at




My morning and night skincare routines have evolved as Elemis put out new products now and again. To see what routines I started with for :

Evening Routine :

Morning Routine :


I love the fact that Elemis does a men collection too and I slowly introduced my husband to the brand and he loves it. I sometimes use some of his product if I am out of them especial the Face wash, Anti-fatigue day cream and the Smooth result shave an beard oil on my bikini line.IMG_1837IMG_1841IMG_1842IMG_1843IMG_1835IMG_0496.jpg

I have seen an amazing transformation in my skin and will recommend Elemis anytime of the day. I am yet to try other luxury  products but for now Elemis is doing wonders for my skin and as they say why change things if they are working? But having said that I suggests you look after your body inside , watch what you put in because I am a firm believer in what you put in you get out. It no point spending crazy money on expensive products for the outside when you issue is in what you eat. IMG_9859IMG_0039IMG_0044IMG_0050IMG_0040IMG_0048IMG_0037IMG_0047IMG_0327IMG_0326IMG_1838IMG_1839IMG_0054.JPGIMG_0052.JPG

All Images by Nonto Li.

* Disclaimer : This is not a paid or sponsored review.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know which Elemis products you have tried and work best for your skin type and what else you recommend I try from their ranges too.