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Every start of the year I add to my yearly to do list. This year was no different besides realising that I am on year four of the current five year plan. The thought alone is exciting and scary at the same time. I remember it like it was yesterday when I decided to shut down my  newly established online fashion business and go study full. I didn’t take the decision lightly as at the back of my mind I had the feeling of worry that people were going to judge me and even label me a failure, given my new business has not made any progress. But I knew this was something I had to do. I do not believe in taking short cuts and they never work in the fashion industry.

When I went to college of fashion and textiles I left my daughter who was only five months old ( the hardest decision) daily to go attend classes. But my determination kept me on focus and the year flew. My son arrived the day I was due back for my third year. For a second it did cross my mind how crazy I was to think juggling a toddler , a new born and college was a good idea. I had to stick to my plan though and find ways to make it work. But I have to admit the support my husband gave me was the reason I never quit. I am glad I did not quit because it is in the human nature to quit when things get tough or not going our way.

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The question I always get asked is how do I juggle studying full time with two kids and full time job? My answer is always simple, if you want something badly, you make it work regardless of your current situation. And my mindset is always on this will pass. But you also need support and for me that comes from my husband and my mother in law ( I have the best mother in law ever !!!) They both have been great and believe in me and my dreams.

In June I will be finishing this chapter by obtaining my Honours Degree in Fashion Design and I am aware that is when the real work starts. I am excited, have plans and the journey to where I am now have been fantastic, I have met amazing people within the fashion industry that will take me closer to success. I know I have to do all the work because knowing people in high places doesn’t guarantee you any success. Success comes from one’s sweat, tears and hard work. And besides you do not want success based on other people’s backs. As we all know easy come easy go.Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 16.15.55Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 16.15.35


  • Just remember you are not guaranteed success or even getting a job related to your degree. Fashion industry is a jungle everyone wants to be the next big designer or artist.
  • Just because you spent 3 or 4 years studying you may not be the best designer but you can work on it and be the best.
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities  (even if you don’t know or sure if it relate to what you are doing) and the doors the university opens for you. It only comes once, once you leave university you are on your own and it can be very difficult to get answers on the doors you knock on.
  • Get yourself out there while you are still at university or college, do collaborations, work for free, offer your skills as they will pave bigger to bigger things once you have completed your studies.
  • One thing that is guaranteed is the student debts you will occur because it is a very expensive course and if you can balance your studies and working part time you will be fine. Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 16.20.05Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 16.18.26Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 16.16.15                                                     MY WORK FOR THE FUTURE ………

The fashion industry is getting to a point where anyone can be a designer or own a brand overnight especially with the rise of reality stars and celebrity endorsements ( another topic for another day) but this can be annoying for people who spent 3/4 years studying and crafting their skills. Also, at the same time I do believe the industry is big enough for everyone to make it, as long as your work is good and you are prepared to work hard.


I have 4 months left for me to finish my studies and as stressful as it is I will admit I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have lost counts the number of times I have shed tears, came close to quitting and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have been recording my journey for this year and have added these videos on my Youtube channel as I do my final collection to be presented at Graduate Fashion Week.

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* Top –  MissSelfridges

* Skirt – Topshop

* Shoes – Christian Louboutin

* Bag – Louis Vuitton

* Coat – Asos

* Fur  Scarf – Topshop


Shot at the Cowley Manor