The world have just witnessed the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Such events are never easy to swallow. I recall visiting it as a tourist a few years ago on my very first trip to Paris. Coming back to today’s blog I wanted to pay homage to Paris one of my favourite cities I love to visit. For me a red lip and beret hat screams Parisian. It is a basic staple combo for French style. Having visited Paris numerous times over the past years I always feel inspired by everything in Paris. The fashion, the food, the art, the wine, the language, the culture, the Parisian cafe’s full of people drinking coffee and smoking , the list is endless. Who can honestly say they are never inspired by Parisian style? Effortless, Chic, Simplicity yet saying look at me. I always agree with the statement that it’s not what you wear but it’s how you wear it. Parisian women make their style effortlessly stylish with minimal pieces. I love oversize fit silhouettes while balancing them with tailored pieces. In the case of my outfit I decided to style my French inspired style with an oversize jumper and fitted cropped tailored trousers to obtain that chic yet minimalist look that gives French vibes. I finished off the look with pair of open toe booties for an outing but for a day option I would wear it with a pair of sneakers for that casual and relaxed look.
OUTFIT Beret hat – Bought in Paris at a market Jumper – NontoLiStudio Trousers – NontoliStudio Coat – NontoLi Studio Bag – Cancer Research Charity Shop Shoes – Topshop