Summer is around the corner and for many of us it means holidays by the sea or chilling by pool areas meaning the hunt for that perfect swimwear is on. Finding a perfect swimwear can be a very daunting task. And I am sure a lot of ladies can agree with me it never easy to shop for that perfect swimwear piece. My advice do not be afraid to spend time in the changing rooms trying them on to find the perfect one. And if you buy online always order 2/3 sizes and return the wrong one after trying them in the comfort of your own home.Below are my top 5 tips to consider when shopping for the perfect and stylish swimwear and remember just because it looks good on someone, it doesn’t mean it will on you. KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE/SHAPE Knowing your body type and shape will help guide you which trends to stay clear off , styles to buy and it will cut your time in trying too many different styles you may end up not needing or even suiting your body. CHOOSE THE RIGHT CUT There are so many options you get with one piece swimwear. Getting the right cut means you can show off your best parts. To do that you can look into different styles and designs like one/off shoulders, deep plunges etc. LOOK INTO THE FIT OF THE PIECE This is very important part of the process. I strongly advice that if it does not fit you properly do not buy it. Even if it is adjustable , the fit to look into is the body fit rather the size fit because different brands use different measurements. SUPPORT MEANS COMFORT We all love fashion and style but when it comes to swimwear this should be after support and comfort. Consider how and where you need more support then focus on styles that will provide that. For an example if you have big bust you may consider styles that have underwire which will give support. BRING THAT SEXY BACK By experimenting with styles, colours and prints that suit your body type. This will also give you options on which styles and trends that will work for your body shape/type.