One would think travelling is all about packing your suitcase and jumping on the next available flight, train or bus to your chosen destination. Well think again because before one is sitting on those sun lounges and enjoying a cocktail or two, a lot goes behind the scenes before that moment. I wanted to share with you guys some of the tips on what I do when getting ready for my travels.
  • Prepare a checklist that will guide you on what to clothes and items you need to pack.
  • Do not just rely on having emergency contacts like your nearest embassy info or hospitals suitable for your chosen insurance etc on your phone. Our phones are used for multiple purposes and worse case scenario they get lost. Use a travel journal/diary to write them down too.
  • My travel insurance is with my bank and I have used it for years, it comes as a package with an Airport Lounge card and RAC car breakdown for a bargain of £18 a month. Look for such bargains and once you have booked your insurance triple check and read the small prints. You may know what is covered but miss what will make it invalid like should you need to go to hospital, your chosen insurance may want you to go to their chosen hospital.
  • Spring clean your house before you travel. Change bedding etc and for that you will thank your jet-lagged self later when you come back to a clean and fresh home.
  • When you are travelling to a hot destination, leave your wig(s) at home. Try scarves and stylish hats that add to any outfit. If all fail well, just only bring one for any hair situation emergency.
  • Most people tend to pack sunscreen ONLY but remember to pack after sun cream too. Your skin will thank you later.
  • The biggest preparation for your travel is packing but before packing that suitcase, spray your suitcase with your favourite perfume or eau de toilette. This will help keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh on transit.
  • Once you have pulled all your maybe clothes , try everything on , style all your looks head to toe and photograph them. This will save you time and confusion on what goes with what.
  • When packing your suitcase use the rolling technique rather the flat packing to maximise space.
  • Lastly pack items that are multi-use, e.g. A scarf can be used as a sarong over the swimsuit/bikini, it can be placed as a mat at the beach or a head/shoulder cover.
I know there are so many other tips out there that I haven’t tried as a traveller and can make my getting ready for my travels so much easy. If you know any other tips I can try please do let me know on the comment section below. In the mean time I do hope you find the tips I shared helpful and to your advantage.