I’ve recently returned from a week vacation in Delhi , India. One of the most important things I had to also plan for this trip was a curated skincare routine suited for the Indian weather. Every time I travel to a different country or continent I like to be prepared for how that weather may affect my skin. I anticipated for Delhi weather to be very hot, very dry ( And to my surprise one of the days it did rain heavily too) and from my previous experiences one tend to experience more skin problems in hot weathers. I wanted to be prepared for such weather which meant sweat, greasy skin and dull looks. Two weeks before the trip I decided to plan, prepare and create a skincare routine inspired by my love for the 10 step Korean skincare routine using only Elemis skincare products. Even though I was in India for a week I wanted to be prepared for the scorching heat , pollution and the humidity focusing on keeping my skin’s safe and radiance.
Step 1 Pro- Collagen Cleansing Balm £43.00 , great for deep cleansing and removing daily grime and pollutants. Step 2 Superfood Facial Wash £25.00 , best for bringing back some good nourishments to the skin. Step 3 Papaya Enzyme Peel £34.50 , I like it for turning around tired skin leaving it soft and revitalised. Step 4 Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask £33.50, I included this mask for it power to restore a dull and tired skin back to it glowing complexion. Step 5 Cleaning Micellar Water £26.00 , clarifies the skin by removing the remaining dirty and pollutants missed by the first 4 steps. Step 6 Soothing Apricot Toner £24.50 , to balance my pH level stripped off while triple cleansing and preparing my skin for the moisturising phase. Step 7 Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment £45.00 , this is the first step into bringing moisture back into my skin while focusing on the eyes targeting fine line and wrinkles. Step 8 Hydra Boost Serum £48.00 , this brings back hydration and moisture to the thirsty skin. Step 9 Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules £69.50 , I love how these capsules destress the skin especially the lavender properties creates ultimate anti pollution. Step 10 Pro Collagen Marine Cream £85.00, I conclude my routine with this hydrating and skin firming cream I chose all these Elemis products for the main focus on keeping my skin highly hydrated. Other extra tips I considered were to make sure that I used suncream and after sun care cream, kept the whole body hydrated and washed my face whenever possible.