I firmly believe in the philosophy that beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare routine. Since I started my skincare journey few years ago I have learnt exfoliation is a necessity to achieve not only glowing but healthy looking skin. I exfoliate twice a week without fail to maintain clean pores, fight fine lines and wrinkles ( YEP! that what being in your late 30’s do to you) and to remove all the dead and damaged cells on the top layer of the skin to allow the serum , moisturiser and other collagen boosting products to penetrate better to the skin. Other benefits of exfoliating are improvement in skin texture, prevention of breakouts , evening out of skin tone and smoother make up application. There are three types of exfoliators I tend to use. Either Enzyme cream (plain or with natural micro beads or granule), face mask and liquid forms (I don’t tend to use liquid form as much as the cream based because I use toner everyday on my skincare routine) You can also look into exfoliating pads if the cream or liquid form are not to your liking. TIPS ON FACIAL EXFOLIATION Do not over over exfoliate , it won’t give you extra amazing skin but instead you will do damage to your skin. So less is more in this case and experts recommends not more than three times a week. Also when you know your skin type it will help you and guide you in deciding what exfoliating methods are best for your skin. When your skin is going through a certain phase (like a breakout) it is best to hold off on exfoliating until you have resolved the issue as you may cause more harm than good to your skin. Give your skin a chance to heal itself. There is no rule of thumb that one has to use only store bought products or home made natural products when exfoliating. Personally I use both and I like them equally. Just go with what takes your fancy or prefer for your skin. Lastly do proper research on ingredients (both found on product labels or the ones you pick to make your own at home) so you know you giving your skin the best and it is also a smart idea to always know what we put in parts of our bodies. If you haven’t started with regular exfoliating , start off with once a week and build it up slowly to 2-3 times a week and I can assure you that you will be seeing a huge difference to your skin as I truly believe in all skincare steps this is an important one, in my opinion.
* DISCLAIMER – this blog post is not sponsored by Elemis I just love their products and have been using them for years.