It’s that time of the year again. Not only am I excited about the change of seasons but I love this time of the year for the doze of London Fashion Week. Bloggers , Editors, Photographers, PR’s and Buyers from all over the world all gather around to witness the work of different designers through the fashion shows. Designers rely on volunteers and paid services to deliver a great fashion show. When you attend a fashion show you get to witness creativity at it best. Amazing collections being shown by stunning models through glamorous shows, but what you don’t see is the almost organised chaos backstage. The backstage crew work hard as a team and under so much pressure to make sure that the designer’s vision is delivered as they have visioned it. Besides Runners, Cleaners, Set Designers, Make up Artists, Choreographers, Lighting Engineers, Sound Engineers, Photographers, Hairdressers, Models, Dressers and Show Producers designers rely heavily on Stylists to present their vision to the press, buyers and the rest of the fashion industry. So next time you are attending a fashion show, don’t just be grateful you got to attend the show but also be thankfully to the backstage people that work hard to make the show happen.