This is the worst time of the year to suffer from body blues. Most of the time our minds take over our bodies and we tend to overthink about how we look. A lot of that comes from what the society and social media is feeding us. We have days when our confidence is so low that when we look in the mirror, all we see or project is shame and have no self acceptance. And that is reality. We feel uncomfortable in our bodies and skin. This feeling get even worse during this time of the year. This time of the year makes a lot of people feel anxious and worried about what they indulge in during the run up to the Christmas holidays up to the New Year. Comes the start of the New Year we promise ourselves to get back into watching what we eat, exercising and looking after ourselves “properly”. That getting back into the swing of things lasts a week or three in to the new year. And we are back into square one. I will remind you that having body blues is an epidemic and you surely not alone. But it is possible to beat these blues. Here are my tips for beating the body blues anytime of the year. No one is perfect, always remember those four words. Rather shift the focus on other important aspects of your life.

Learn to embrace your imperfections, easy said than done right? Trust me it is better to accept the size and the shape that nature intended you to have rather than spending your life fighting it.

Eat yourself to health. The food you eat need to be lifestyle choices, health body equals a health mind.

Show your body gratitude and appreciation. When was the last time you treated your body and thank it for the awesome things it can do? Treat your body to a full body massage once a month and remember body scrubs are in as facials.

Fuck the society and social media stereotype on what we should look like. Instead rewire your mind and change how you think about your body than changing your body. Work on strengthening your self esteem instead of beating yourself down about how you look.

15 mins home exercise daily makes you builds up a whole new you , you can save on those gym membership and splurge on a feel good outfit. A bit of exercise also gets the blood flowing helping you feel mentally alert and alive.