We tend to focus more on caring for our skin from neck upwards. Your body deserves a routine as unique as your face and neck routine which will include a well balanced diet and a bit of exercising. Just like your facial routine it’s always the best idea to prepare your skin for the change of weather, going from fall weather all the way to summer weather. I will confess that I prefer to take showers than baths and if I do take a bath, I have to take a shower first. When it’s my body care day I follow a schedule routine once a week where I follow these steps:

Dry Body Brushing – before getting in a bath or shower I like to use long sweeping movements from ankles, up to towards the heart. This aids toxin removal and stimulates lymphatic drainage. The brush I use is from https://www.littleskinshop.com/products/body-detox-skin-brush

Exfoliating – just like facial exfoliation body exfoliation removes debris from skin and leave it receptive to topical and treatment creams. I rotate between using a coffee body scrub and Monoi salt glow body scrub.

Shaving – I’m not a fan of waxing. It irritate my skin, so for day to day shaving I prefer using Gillette Venus blades. I have been using it for years because it does not irritate my skin or cause any other problems. I use it on my bikini line, legs and underarms. I follow this with a trick I started few years back, rubbing the Elemis Smooth Result Shave and Beard Oil.

Body Cleansing – This is the one step I like doing in the bath as exfoliating and shaving takes place in the shower. I like to cleanse my body by soaking in the bath no longer than 5-10 minutes. Soaking longer can strip your skin of natural oils and make your skin dry.

Firming and Toning – There are products that claim to boost collagen production and firm your skin. I do love to try them especially the Elemis Targeted Toning Body moisturiser.

Minimising Cellulite – Exercising and my diet have been the best combination so far but I have also started using the Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil.

Bashing Stretch marks – Like most women I have stretch marks and I have learnt to embrace them. I have also learnt to minimise their appearance by looking after my skin. A journey I started taking seriously during my first pregnancy. I taught myself to make home made remedies using vitamin E oils and sometimes aloe vera plant.

Moisturising – I love it when my skin has that healthy glow after being moisturised and looking plumped. To achieve this I tend to use products like body serums, oils and moisturisers that contains vitamin C , hypotonic acid and ferulic acid.