With all that’s been happening around the world in the past few months I have gone back to being creative. The last time I did anything that kept my mind and hands this busy was back in Uni. Where I enjoyed learning the art of Macrame. I learnt this skill of knotting for my university graduate fashion collection. It is really hard to pinpoint where the first Macrame ever made. Arabic artisan spread it across Europe. This is the decorative knot tying which helped sailors keep their hands and minds occupied during long voyages. Some believe the term comes from the Arabic word migramah or fringe and others think it comes from the Turkish word makrama, referring to napkins and towels which used the knotting technique in a similar fashion. It faded in the early 1900’s but became popular again around the 70’s and a lot of people associates this textile technique with hanging plants and other accessories that goes with bohemian style. A lot of fashion brands and houses have incorporated the use of Macrame in their collections. Like all trends I can see it coming and going within fashion. What have you learnt during this lockdown?