The past few days and recent events around the world associated with BLACK LIVES MATTER has weighed on me. What started as the cry for justice for the death of George Floyd an African American in police custody, soon spread like wild fire around the world. To see such support globally on systematic racism, justice and inequality of Black people and other minority races speaks volumes. And to see people marching and social media plastered with slogans of black lives matter. Some people believe it is wrong to highlight that “black lives matter” and it should be “all lives matter”. We are not saying other lives do not matter but we are saying that should includes those lives of all black people and other minority race. For many years Black people have not been treated far, going back to days of slavery. There have been so many “fights” and “protests” on systematic and social injustices towards the Blacks around the world. The Black Lives Matter movement is finally bringing the change that we all have been asking for. The timing of the protests couldn’t come at the worse time as the whole world is fighting the Covid – 19 pandemic. I also could argue that, maybe the timing is right because everything is at stand still and people listen. Black people and other minority races have been fighting another virus pandemic of racism, fear, hatred and injustice. Those who saw their privilege being threatened had a lot say, while others saw and supported the need for change. This treatment of Black people has been going on for may years. The privilege will never know what it’s like to be judged based on the colour of your skin. To be looked over on opportunities because you are Black and to have to work ten times over than others, the list goes on. It will take nothing away from you to learn, educate yourself and speak up when needed. History doesn’t lie, it will teach you everything you need to know on why we are saying BLACK LIVES MATTER.