Nonto Li is a fashion designer, a blogger and an author. She currently serves as the creative director of her two fashion brands Nonto Li Studio and Kissesfromcoco. She holds a BA Honours in Fashion Design and a Diploma in Sports Management. She was born and raised in South Africa but spent time in England and the US before settling in Wales with her husband and two children. She juggles being a mother , a wife, a sister while running her lifestyle blog nontoli.com which was born as a creative platform to document what she loves and the tips on fashion creativity, travelling , skincare and lifestyle in general.



My journey began when I left home at the tender age of 18 to move to JOHANNESBURG on my own. This is when I began to understand the importance of growing into my own authenticity and it unlocked the passion I have for fashion, travelling, art, interiors, food and wine.                 NEW YORK  taught me the great significance of taking big leaps. Most importantly it is where I came of age and became an adult. Turning 21 in a big city like New York installed me with the knowledge of knowing how important it is to equip yourself with the right skill sets in life.

When I returned to Johannesburg I wanted to back myself with the right skills. I graduated with a Diploma in Sports Management while I worked part time to save, learnt and developed the skill of multitasking and creativity. The travel bug had bitten me and I move to SCOTLAND where the door to my creativity opened. This is where I learnt that my creativity was limitless.  ENGLAND was my becoming as Nonto Li the multi dimensional creative, whose layers had expanded & sparked the  inspiration to becoming the best version of myself. Reflecting back on the courage of my 18 year old self, understanding the importance of a strong unbounded foundation. I valued what the limitless advantage a core educational comprehension would provide, in taking my creative passion further. Signing myself to going back to school, starting with an education into the basics of Fashion Designing & Textiles. I enrolled at Gloucestershire College, gaining a BTEC Level 5 qualification in Art & Design. With the level I was able to achieved at college I was referred as a high performing student to complete a Bachelor of Art Degree in Fashion Design at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH WALES.                                              The storyteller in me has always existed but it thrives more because of the journey I’ve taken to get where I am now and I look forward to where it will take me further.