The hardest thing about motherhood stage is not knowing what that exciting time of your life will do to your body afterwards. It is also an unfortunate time for us woman too as the social media potrays a certain image one should be like after having a baby. I blame all this to all these celebrities who have all types of nips and tucks immediately after birth to fool us and sell us the idea of how our bodies should be like .We are given an unrealistic time frame to lose the weight we gain while we are pregnant. And some of us do put pressure on ourselves to rush and worry about how we look on the ouside instead of enjoying our babies . One thing I will remind you is that it takes almost a year to make a baby (well 9 months to most atleast ) so do not feel to be in a rush to lose weight or be bothered by those stretchmarks. Those are symbols of what your body has just done and instead of being brained washed to hate yourself at that time, why don’t you celebrate what your body has managed to do because a woman like you somewhere in the world is yeaning for that experience and will gladly have it with whatever it brings to them and embrace it.
I will also say genes and being lucky can also contribute to how the aftermath will be like for some of us. What I mean by that is , take me for an instance since I am petite and 5″1 tall I never really gained any weight on my body beside a tummy and chubby face. It was same with both my kids. I expected different results as I have one of each but it never happened.
It all different journeys for everyone. I never really changed my diet much and had one or two things I couldn’t stomach as well as having one or two things I craved all the time. As I have said I did not gained much weight but after the second birth I did noticed how stretched my stomach was. In both births I had C sections ( the first was an emergency and the second was planned) so I could not rush toning my stomach even if I wanted too. I was unhappy about it but not to an extent that I was down or depressed. I had a holiday booked to go to Thailand and like everyone I wanted to look good and wear a bikini by the pool. I did not have the option of pushing the holiday to give myself time as I had done that after finding out I was pregnant and didn’t want to be on holiday with a belly and that far just in case I needed medically help.
So instead of stressing about my stretched tummy ( yes it was that bad even a close friend commented on it) I decided to find a solution. My solution was to only pack one piece swimsuits and that’s what I did.
On my return I gently started working on my tummy and few months later I did wear a bikini while in Bali. I was not 100% happy but I had confidence to wear it. It is still work in progress and it almost a year now.
So what I am trying to say is focus on what you can do daily while you working on those challenges you are not happy about.
I’ve decided to title this blog , I’m Bringing Sexy Back , because I am on a journey to that for myself. Who said as mothers we cannot be sexy or feel sexy? As long as you do it the healthy way and for the right reasons, why not ? I am sure other mothers can agree with me when I say it is so easy to forget about yourself when you become a mom. You can be happy just being in your pyjamas all day everyday focusing on what just became your life, your new born.
So to all mothers out there who have lost their mojo’s while focusing on our kids and families, let get our sexy back and those who already got theirs back let keep at it while being best mothers. We deserve it all.