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This is a question every new moms ask. We also like to share our experiences and things we go through with our little ones. I was having a chat with a friend of mine about potty training. She was asking when is the right time to start potty training her daughter. From my experience I told her to start doing it when she is ready. (tell signs are there when a child is ready to start potty training & they differ child to child). There is no “set age” or “right age” to start potty training and all children are different. My son who is now 14 months is already potty training and does not seem to mind it. Grandma started him before he turned a year. On the other case my daughter who is now almost 4 hated potty training. We had two potties dotted around the house and the minute she heard me, my husband or grandma mention the word potty she would go ballistic, screaming the house down.

After few weeks of trying after she turned 18 months we took a decision to leave it and do it when she was ready. At 2 she started nursery 3 times a week and that’s when we re-introduced the potty. She still didn’t like it but she used it. One of the reasons she did was seeing other kids at nursery using the potty and that gave her motivation to try it too and we took advantage of that situation. Now she is at school (year 1) she still uses potty at home but toilet at school. For some strange reason she tells us she doesn’t like the toilet and will not use it at all. And we have also decided not to force her to use the toilet because she will use it when she is ready. For few weeks now she has stopped using night time pull-ups and uses potty first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime and luckily we have not had any accidents.

So, if your little one is not ready to be potty trained, do not force it on them. Different websites offer advice and tips and you can also check tips on HNS website :


My tips will be to start early to get them ready on what potty is and what’s it used for by reading them picture books about potty training and some of the kids favourite shows like Peppa Pig also have episodes on potty training. If you incorporate what they do daily with potty training it will prepare them and they will know what the potty is used for. And they may want to mimic their favourite characters on books or tv show.                        As a parent you do not need to stress because every child is different and it has nothing to do with how and what methods you use. Once you start, your child will pick it up so fast, you will be given a potty or be dragged to where the potty is before you even ask if they wanted a potty. Just be patient and let them be ready to be potty trained.