” The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart ….and hopefully someone else’s ” – Elizabeth Taylor.

Changing fragrances season to season can be personal. I love how it can evocative part of your life. Since I wear the same colour of clothing throughout all seasons, I use fragrances to breath life into my wardrobe. I have learnt to know which notes work best throughout the year. I love to capture the mood for every season while sticking to note that compliment my personality. There’s so much to choose from and if you aren’t sure where to start below I have shared few fragrance notes that have guided my perfume choices from season to season.

Summer Fragrances go for light fresh, cool and flowery notes that will contrast the hot weather. Anything from the tropics will do the trick and try bergamot, rose or jasmine just to name a few. Autumn Fragrances the close of summer and that cosiness of autumn inspires a strong and sensual scent. Look into deep notes of amber, wood and oak-moss. Winter Fragrances thicker layers and colder temperatures call for warm and bold fragrance. Be drawn to spices, amber, vanilla and incense. Spring Fragrances you can start introducing sweet notes, gorgeous florals and crisp. Look into mints, basil or orange blossom.