” Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate “Bruce Lee.

This lockdown has reminded me that I enjoy being alone even though I am also outgoing and social. As an ambivert my environment dictates how I behave. It confuses a lot of people. Sometimes I’m loud and sometimes I am quiet. Energy is very important to me. What I read dictate how I adjust to the situation or what is in front of me. I have moments where I want to read a good book or process things alone. I like to use that alone time to recharge then use that energy when it time to engage when I am with other people or in situations. This lockdown has given me that time and more. Recalling that evening when the lockdown was announced to yesterday when it was announced that the UK had just passed the peak I can honestly say I am relieved and have a lot of gratitude that we are seeing progress. I hope we remember what this period has taught us and continue to show each other kindness, and empathy.

Hang in there guys the best is yet to come.