Hey guys I hope you have been keeping well and safe these past few months. It been two weeks since my last blog post. I needed some time off. Today it’s the 1st of August and I cannot believe we are four months away from the end of 2020. What a year it has been! Not even for a second did I assume that this pandemic will still be around as we start the second half of this year. But what shocked me was to see the whole world thrown in such disruption and chaos. It also been sad to see so many people lose their jobs and their loved ones. Given it is not long to go before the end of what seemed like a crazy and chaotic year I had to keep reminding myself that at some point this pandemic will be over or at least a cure will be found. As hard as it is at least I still have my life and the lives of those dear to me. During this difficult time I took time and thought about the way I do and approach things. Getting through this year without losing my mind has been my top priority. Let alone the regular stresses of everyday life. I have reminded myself that life is too short and too precious. So two weeks ago when I celebrated my birthday I also did a list of how I want things to pen out for me going forward. This year has defined few things for me and the type of person that I am. The biggest lesson have been to accept the fact that what is happening is beyond my control.