Oil cleansing is the first step into my skincare routine that normally start with triple cleansing. I know a lot of people will be confused on why I say triple instead of the usual double cleansing. Personally I count using the micellar water as a cleanser, which is usually step 3 (based on the 10 step Korean skincare routine that I follow). This works for me and I feel my skin is properly cleansed before adding more products to my face. The most asked question I get is, if it’s necessary to double cleanse and if oil cleansers are the best? This really depends on you entirely, but I always answer with a yes, especially if you are someone who wear make up daily as well as SPF. So the best thing to do for your skin is to use oil based cleansers. The oil cleansers are best for removing make up, dirt caused by air pollutions and grease. The two cleansers I am currently using are the La Mer Cleansing Oil £72 for 200ml and the Elemis Pro-Collagen Balm £44 for 105g. The La Mer cleansing oil is infused with La Mer’s unique Miracle Broth formula that consists of luxurious nutrients and restorative ingredients. This oil cleanser contains grape-seed oil and sesame oil which gently help to cleanse and moisturise skin from deep within. Even though I love how the marine oil and how refreshing it slowly turns into a rich, milky fluid when combined with water, I am not overly keen on it smell given how nice other La Mer products smell. When I shake the bottle before use it transforms into a detoxifying emulsion of precious marine oils and pearl powders. I use two pumps and apply on my dry face, massaging for 5 min then remove with cotton wool and follow with a rinse. I use cotton wool first because I find it too oily and it difficult to wash it off. Wiping it off first then washing after works best for my skin. I then follow with my water based cleanser and immediately I feel my skin hydrated. On alternation I use my old time favourite the Elemis Pro-Collagen Balm which is enriched with nourishing blend of precious Starflower, Elderberry and Optimega oils and supercharged with anti-ageing alga, Padina Pavonica which work together to deeply cleanse, smooth and hydrate. The glow to my skin after using this Elemis Pro-Collagen Balm is insane. Just like the La Mer cleansing oil I apply the Elemis cleansing balm onto my dry skin and massage it then leave it for 10 – 15 minutes which double up a as a facial mask. The key ingredients Padina Pavonica promotes skin elasticity and cell vitality. Mimosa Flower Wax hydrates and retains moisture in the skin. Starflower oil maintains moisture levels. Almond, Coconut & Shea Oil nourish and condition. Elderberry Seed Oil that firms and plumps, as well as Vitamin E and Wheatgerm oil. The Elemis cleansing balm feels so boujee on my face and it last ages. Also it has a beautiful scent compared to the La Mer. Once I’ve applied this cleansing balm I then remove it with a warm, damp cotton cleansing cloth. This Elemis cleansing balm will always be in my skincare routine. It transformed my skin few years ago and I have never looked back. If you’re looking for a game changer for your skin this may be one. I call it the Spa In The Box.