What started as a fantastic new year ended up being the worst year for everyone around the the world. Countries went into despair, economies crippled and travel bans were imposed by so many countries. It was unbelievable as the world went into chaos. 2020 was the year like no other. I am happy to see say hello to the new year with the hope of a better one. We have a lot of healing to do all around the world. We all have been hit hard by this pandemic. Normally I make plans every start of the new year but for 2021 I decided to let things be. I have decided to take every single day as it comes and live life to the fullest because tomorrow is not known. One thing I do hope for is to continue to be healthy and growth. And let me wish you guys a year filled with hope, love, health, prosperity and more travels.


Long Scarf – Toteme

Coat – Yoox

Boots – Zadiget Voltaire